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No Prep Kings Competitor Debuts Incredible New Ride at PRI

Sure, for the car community as a whole, SEMA might be where the lights shine the brightest. All eyes are on this trade show to see what kind of builds custom shops have been working on and what sort of new technology is coming to life from our favorite manufacturers.

While we most certainly do love SEMA, those who have a passion for racing might get even more fired up about a trade show that happens a little bit later in the year. When winter rolls around, the “who’s who” of the racing industry finds its way to Indianapolis to check out the annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show.

Much like SEMA, it’s here that we find some of the latest gadgets in the world of wheels. Instead of having a wide scope for all enthusiasts, though, PRI is specifically catered to those who love to go racing.

With that in mind, many of the fan favorites from Street Outlaws check in to show off what they’ve been up to and catch us up to speed.

This time, it’s No Prep Kings competitor, Randy Williams who is showing off his new wares. Even with No Prep Kings freshly in the rearview mirror, some competitors just don’t have it in them to stop and take a break. Apparently, Williams has been concocting a little something behind the scenes to get ahead of the game and ready for next year’s NPK.

In order to step into 2023 with a full head of steam, Williams pulled the covers off of a gorgeous Dodge Challenger specifically built for the No Prep Kings circuit. With so many strong competitors, it’s almost a necessity for each racer to really dial in their build for this one specific series if they want to have a shot at the top.

In the video below, Street Outlaws No Prep Talk talks about the Brad Anderson ProCharged Hemi that will look to make waves in season 6.

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