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Twin Superchargers? What Is This Thing?

When you’re putting together your very own take on an automobile, one of the fun things to think about is that you can put your own personal twist on it, taking a concept that maybe is used in some capacity and mending it until it becomes your own version that isn’t really plug-and-play. Sometimes, with enough creativity and a little know-how, you end up seeing some pretty functional builds that are really off-the-wall and definitely present something in a different format than what you’re used to. With these combinations, controversy can be stirred up as folks around the watercooler grab wind of the unique rides and this one is certainly no exception.

You’ve probably seen plenty of twin turbo applications when you take a look across the performance landscape, however, something that you probably have not seen very many times, if ever, is that of a twin supercharged application. Why would somebody choose to go this route? Well, to give you a better of an idea of exactly what the thought process was here, basically, the owner of this vehicle says he wanted a burnout car that could be thrown together on a budget. When all of the pennies were counted, the entire thing, complete with the car and all would only accrue a $5000 price tag.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to see exactly what a twin supercharged car looks like in the flesh. While you might’ve been thinking that it could possibly have been two different forms of superchargers combined,  upon a first impression, seeing the two positive displacement blowers coming together is definitely something that adds another layer of interesting to a vehicle like this. How well it all works we can’t be sure but even being able to see it fire is surely a treat to be had!

Its alive. ITS ALIVE. Now to button up a few things. Get the chip re-turned and go for a test hit.

Posted by Dbl-Blwn on Friday, March 17, 2017


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