Twin Turbo C8 Corvette the First to Bring Home 9-Second Quarter Mile

The last time that we heard from Extreme Turbo Systems and their progress with the C8 ...

The last time that we heard from Extreme Turbo Systems and their progress with the C8 Corvette, they had some news that was really interesting to us. The tuners promised a “Proprietary tuning solution” for the car.

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For those who aren’t quite up to speed, basically, when it comes to new Corvettes, tuning them can prove to be almost impossible with the factory computer. Let’s just say that Chevrolet locks down the computer system like Fort Knox so nobody can get in to mess with the parameters. This means that no matter how many go-fast parts someone might add to the car, it will be futile as it’s impossible to adjust the computer to be able to handle the additions.

Generally, in a varying amount of time which can span as much as a year or longer, one of the tuning software companies will be able to figure out how to break into the computer and allow tuners to have access to the backend. However, with ETS claiming that they’re able to tune the car so soon, we couldn’t help but be excited.

This time, we got to see some of the results of their hard work with the latest and greatest Corvette. What we’re checking out here is none other than a brand spanking new 2020 Corvette. Onboard, though, the car features a turbo kit custom-built by ETS. It also has an intercooler with an ice box, Precision turbochargers, Mhale Pistons, Raybestos prototype clutches, and an aftermarket valvetrain from Ferrera. Last but not least, the car features a direct port methanol kit and a set of 19 inch Mickey Thompson drag radials.

Below, in a video featured by 1320Video, we get to ride along with the machine as becomes the first to ever make its way into the 9-second range! We get the feeling that this is only the first step for all of the success that the C8 is sure to bring to the world of drag racing!

FIRST 9-Second C8 Corvette!

FIRST 9-Second C8 Corvette!This Extreme Turbo Systems not only ran the first 9, it layed down over 1000whp on their dyno! No need to wait for the Zora 😛

Posted by on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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