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U-Haul Employees Have No Idea How to Handle This Destroyed Undercover Rental Return

Before we get started, the disclaimer on this one is that no U-Haul trucks were harmed in the making of this video.

However, YouTube creator, Street Speed 717, really made it look like he was returning a U-Haul truck that had been beaten to death. The first act of business was to go out and buy a nearly new Chevrolet Silverado. From there, StreetSpeed717 enlisted the help of his graphics guy in order to get the truck decked out with everything that would make it look exactly like a real U-Haul.

It would then be time to go to the rental truck company and rent an actual truck. Upon returning the vehicle, the employees at the shop would come out to find a truck that had been completely destroyed in every way possible. At which point, our host would just play it off and say something to the effect of “I hit a pothole.”

At this point, the employees begin to mull over exactly how to handle it. The disguised truck actually does a pretty good job of making itself look the part. At one point, one of the employees even recommended to his manager that they call the cops. Luckily, though, no police had to be dialed up in the filming of this video.

Down in the clip below, we get to see the reaction as a brand new truck is destroyed and U-Haul employees are left to figure out exactly what to do with the remnants. If you were working in a U-Haul shop how exactly would you handle this one? We’re sure that these guys have seen their fair share of destroyed rental vehicles. However, we aren’t too sure that too many come close to this level of destruction. Street Speed really did a number on this poor Silverado, that’s for sure!

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