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Dude Using Fire to Set Tractor Tire Bead Goes Insanely Viral

Generally, when somebody wants to mount a tire on a wheel, there’s a process that the pros would recommend following. In most cases, it involves some machinery and a couple of tools. It also involves removing the wheel from the vehicle in question or elevating it which can be a bigger challenge with farm equipment than it would be with a passenger car.

However, as is the case with most jobs, there are more ways than one to get the job done – even if it means OSHA wouldn’t approve.

Now, we don’t necessarily recommend doing things with the fire. However, anyone who has hung around the garage for long enough knows that using a combustible chemical and a little bit of fire can get this job done in a pinch. This is going to be especially helpful for those who would have to go to great lengths in order to get the tire in question mounted.

This time, we tune in with a TikTok user by the name of Blake Carter who decided to break out this handy trick in the field to do an on-location repair.

After dousing the inside of the tire of a tractor (technically called a swather because of the cutting attachment on the back) with something dispensed from an aerosol can, the flame is broken out and the process begins. A successful attempt will have the bead of the tire snapping onto the wheel and making a tight seal as the explosion hopefully displaces enough air.

Naturally, the attempt was successful but the crazy part to watch is when the tractor ends up bouncing into the air. We were a bit skeptical that this would work with all of the weight of the tractor but lo and behold, the trick seems to have accomplished the mission.

The viewers over on TikTok found the video particularly interesting as it has shot to over 10 million views in just 22 hours.

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