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Viral TikTok Shows Blind Car Enthusiast Identifying Cars, All With His Sense of Touch

Most automotive enthusiasts probably couldn’t imagine enjoying the hobby without the sense of sight. Sure, hearing the grumble of the perfect exhaust note is certainly satisfying. However, the complete picture involves seeing our favorite rides as creative custom work or just the right modifications come together to paint the perfect picture.

In fact, if one were to refer to a blind enthusiast, we would think that their relationship with cars would probably be limited strictly to the feel of acceleration and the sound coming from the exhaust. Not so fast!

For one blind enthusiast by the name of Tal who is currently going viral on TikTok, he still truly enjoys the features of a well put together muscle machine that one would typically experience with their eyes.

Tal’s brother who goes by @americanstreetmachines on the video sharing platform says that his brother has Usher Syndrome which has caused him to lose his sight over time. Therefore,  he uses his sense of touch to paint the picture for himself. In a TikTok video, Tal gets to experience his brother’s new truck for the first time. We were incredibly impressed as he made his way around the truck, feeling every last feature and asking his brother all about the machine, talking a little bit of smack along the way.

Tal even has a method to tell if the truck is in good condition or not and can figure everything out down to the size of the wheels, all without seeing them.

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Perhaps more impressively, another TikTok video shows Tal using his fingertips to feel around a fender and trying to guess what car it’s from, successfully so. While most people probably couldn’t even figure it out by looking, this enthusiast uses his sense of touch to put the pieces together.

@americanstreetmachines Blind auto Tal calling a fender! #blind #blindreact #blindreaction #gto #pontiac #blindauto #musclecar #musclecardad #americanstreetmachinesinc #blindtiktok #fyp #foryou#foryourpage #carsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Todd Willoughby

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