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Genius, Homemade Trailer Hitch Add-on to Break Tire Beads

When putting together the perfect garage, there are a lot of tools that one could potentially add to the collection. However, in the real world, we don’t all have an unlimited budget. Therefore, sometimes, we need to make do with what we have or come up with a creative solution for a problem at hand instead of going on a shopping spree.

Typically, for somebody who wants to mount and dismount tires, the simple solution is to take them to a professional and pay for use of a tire machine. It’s simply not worth it to drop the big bucks to get a tire machine and only use it once in a blue moon if you’re not doing it for a living.

However, where there’s a will, there is a way.

This time, we check in with a TikTok user who got incredibly creative in his pursuit of dismounting a tire from a wheel. Usually, in order to break the bead, it’s going to take the aforementioned special machine or a lot of manpower to get it done. For this crafty individual, though, he would get creative and get down to business, using the simple pieces at hand to create a homemade tire bead breaker.

With the help of a trailer hitch on a truck, a vehicle jack, and what appears to be a custom-fabricated piece to sit against the tire, we watch pure magic unfold. As the vehicle jack pushes down, it applies pressure to the tire. Cleverly, the weight of the vehicle is used to force the tire off of the wheel.

Check out the video below from TikTok user, @brianbuttterworth4, to watch this clever invention at work as it solves the problem at hand. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a variety of tools in the repertoire. Other times, though, a little bit of ingenuity can get the job done just as well.

@brianbuttterworth4Homeade tire bead breaker♬ original sound – Brian Butterworth

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