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Watch This Completely Destroyed Hellcat Come Back to Life

One of the trends that has come to life on YouTube that we absolutely can’t help but love is the concept of taking a destroyed car and rebuilding it. Because of this, different machines that are highly sought after are being picked up from salvage auctions across the country before being brought home and given an entire facelift.

Because of series like these, we can see machines like a 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat widebody with just 1200 miles on it brought back to life. In this particular situation, the candidate in question would meet a pretty gnarly wreck in its early days. In fact, we wouldn’t be too shocked if this thing were to be parted out and scrapped if Junkyard Dave didn’t get his hands on it.

Fortunately, though, we get to see this incredible machine come back to life once again. The saga this time is only about 20 minutes long it takes us inside of some of the challenges of rebuilding a car. Even though it might seem as simple as slapping a couple of body panels on the machine like a new hood and fenders before calling it a day, things got a little bit more complicated than that.

Not only is the restoration a little bit deeper but you also have to consider things like setbacks from shipping companies and dealing with dealerships. All of the above definitely sounds like it can be a hassle. However, when we see the final product, we can’t help but think that this thing is pretty awesome and appreciate the job well done about the muscle machine roars back to life once again.

As the uploader put it, it was a lot of hard work but at the end of the day, it’s a labor of love. To do something like this, we would probably venture to think that once considering time and materials it would be cheaper just to purchase a car like this. However, there is really something special about being able to say that you brought a Hellcat back to life

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