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What Happens When Your New Z06 Blows up at 53 Miles? – Lawyer Explains

It has to be the most heartbreaking of situations when you buy a brand new sports car for $182,000, only to have the car break down very shortly after purchase. In this particular situation, that’s exactly what one Chevrolet Corvette Z06 owner was up against when he purchased his car, and just 53 miles later, he is the proud owner of what amounted to an incredibly expensive paperweight.

While a blown engine at 53 miles might be a new record for lack of longevity with the new Z06, it isn’t the first time as another car popped an engine with just over 600 miles on the clock.

In this particular case, after taking delivery of the new sports car, this Corvette owner would make a few very easy pulls. General Motors recommends 500 break-in miles but we would think that some very light-spirited driving, while not recommended and definitely a bad call by the owner, shouldn’t be enough to grenade an entire engine. In this case, though, that’s exactly what happened as a day that was probably pretty exciting turned sour in a hurry.

So in a case like this, how exactly should it be handled legally and what is the manufacturer responsible for replacing?

As it turns out, the situation isn’t exactly cut and dry and could potentially be one where lawyers need to get involved. Fortunately for this Corvette owner, Chevrolet has a track record of taking back the engine in question, breaking it down, and figuring out where it went wrong before either repairing it or sending off a new engine to replace the blown one.

Below, we check in with YouTube attorney, Steve Lehtowho breaks down the specifics of the situation that could most certainly get a little bit tricky. At the end of the day, this isn’t a scenario that anybody wants to be involved in, especially not after spending so much over sticker price to go home with the hottest new sports car on the market.


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