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Where do the Stolen Catalytic Converters Go?

Every time we turn on the news nowadays, it seems like somebody else is making off with a catalytic converter. Why, though, are crooks so keen to steal this piece of an exhaust system, even going so far is doing it in broad daylight as they break out their saws and hack up an unsuspecting victim’s exhaust?

Well, the answer to that is basically money. At the end of the day, most acts of crime come own to lining one’s pockets with a couple of bucks but what exactly is it about this particular process that makes it the most profitable and worthwhile for people who are ready to go crawling under cars?

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, ETCG1, who takes a moment to break down the entire process of stealing catalytic converters. In a video, he explains just about every element that is involved in such a process including what sort of precious metals can be found inside of these units and what exactly it is that happens to them when they’re taken from the cars in question. After all, there has to be some sort of shady business dealing done after the act of actually stealing the converter in the first place.

By following along with the video below from our host, we even get to hear an interesting perspective on how it might be possible to shut down this entire underground industry. At the end of the day, stopping crooks from stealing catalytic converters is rather futile as it’s pretty difficult to block them off. Some people go so far as installing a cage around them but even that might not be a fool proof plan.

However, there might be another solution out there to make sure that it’s a lot harder for these criminals to earn money from the act of theft.

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