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Attorney Reacts: Could Ferrari Sue WhistlinDiesel For Destroying $400k F8?

If there’s one company in the automotive space that is synonymous with lawsuits it’s Ferrari. After hearing such a statement, somebody who isn’t too familiar with Ferrari’s track record in the courtroom might wonder why so many people are suing the exotic car maker. However, it is Ferrari that is the one doing the suing as the company repeatedly drags its customers through the court system for a litany of reasons.

As it turns out, when you buy a Ferrari, you’re not just buying a car that you own with no strings attached as would be the case with any other car. Instead, while Ferrari owners technically do have the title to the car, when buying one, they’re also agreeing to treat the car in such a manner that is consistent with what Ferrari thinks is right for its brand.

This means that if you want to modify the car or abuse it in any sort of way, you’re likely going to receive a cease-and-desist letter in the mail outlining why you aren’t exactly living up to Ferrari’s standards.

One of the most publicly criticized examples of such a phenomenon was when celebrity DJ, Deadmau5, decided to wrap his Ferrari in a wrap featuring the Nyan Cat internet meme, affectionately calling his ride the “Purrari.” However, Ferrari wasn’t too happy with this and sent its legal team after the musical artist.

We would guess that one of the upcoming people to find his way to the crosshairs of Ferrari would be automotive YouTuber, WhistlinDiesel. For those unfamiliar, basically this creator takes it upon himself to buy a variety of high end automobiles and destroy them among other adventures. This time, the car question was a $400,000 Ferrari F8 which leads us to wonder when the lawsuit is coming.

Below, we check in with an actual attorney who goes by Attorney Kevin Sullivan on YouTube. Sullivan went through the first video of the Ferrari being battered and gave his thoughts on what exactly he thinks is going to end up happening when this YouTuber clashes with the Italian exotic car producer.