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WhistlinDiesel Turns Old Duramax Into a 100MPH Coal Rolling House

YouTube creator, WhistlinDiesel, has become incredibly well known in the automotive space for his propensity for destruction. However, while some might think that the content on this channel is purely destructive, would like to think that there’s a rather large dose of creativity thrown in as well. Any time that one tunes into the WhistlinDiesel channel, they truly never know exactly what they’re going to get.

This time, we check in with our host as he takes the remains of a Duramax powered Chevrolet Silverado that was destroyed for entertainment purposes and puts these remains to good use.

Sure, the engine might not be running all that well anymore and the body, well, it’s completely missing from the equation entirely. However, that doesn’t stop our host from making the most of these remaining parts. Instead of just parting out the remnants or sending it to the scrap yard, instead, we watch as the former Silverado is turned into a house on wheels.

You can bet your bottom dollar that every vehicle that WD exposes to destruction is going to be put through the wringer until its absolutely dead.

After building a frame, siding it, and throwing a roof on the contraption, what better to do than roll a little bit of coal and cruise around the streets for a little bit? The result is something that had to be a head scratcher for anybody who drove by this thing and we can’t help but be entertained throughout.

Below, we check in with the video from 2020 that was deleted for one reason or another but has since been uploaded back to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Sure, the videos from WD have most certainly gotten more complex over the years but this one is most certainly a classic that shows the channel’s roots.