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Twin Turbo Diesel Duramax Powered ’70 Chevelle Making 1100 ft lbs Torque!!! | What Could Go Wrong???

When a classic muscle car like a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle pulls into view, most car enthusiasts expect to hear, see, and smell evidence of a big block V8 engine under the hood. However, some builders like to take a unique approach to their builds, which can make them stand out in the car culture community. This article is about a Chevelle that is anything but typical and is sure to turn heads everywhere that it might go.

Under the hood of this 1970 Chevelle, there is no big block, LS engine, or any other variation of a V8 engine for that matter. Instead, it is powered by an LBZ Duramax engine pulled from a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado. To make this build even more unique, the engine is backed up by a G-Force five-speed manual transmission that allows the driver to row gears with the help of a third pedal.

This Chevelle looks brand new and produces an impressive 650 horsepower along with 1100 pound-feet of torque that’s accompanied by a bit of black diesel smoke which is sure to surprise onlookers. This time, our host at AutotopiaLA takes us through the build with the owner as he points out the special modifications that were made to the car to make this combination come to life.

Afterward, we’re treated to a test drive to see exactly what this car is capable of. As it turns out, the test drive was a bit spirited and ended up finding one of the weak links of the build. However, this unique build is a testament to the creativity and innovation that exists within the car culture community. It’s truly fascinating to see how builders can take a classic muscle car platform like the Chevelle and create something truly new. The combination of a Duramax engine and a manual transmission is not something you see every day in a car like this and the results of this wild idea coming to life speak for themselves!