fb-pixel Woman Bashes Parked Car, Makes the Great Escape – Fail
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Woman Bashes Parked Car, Makes the Great Escape – Fail

We understand; that in the automotive performance community, our cars often mean the world to us, and our skills on the road might be a cut above the average driver.

While not everyone is a professional driver or deeply passionate about their vehicles, there are instances where individuals stand out as either exceptional or exceptionally poor drivers, leaving us questioning how they obtained their licenses in the first place. Some scenarios unfold so unbelievably that it feels like a camera crew might appear, revealing it’s all a practical joke.

This time, though, there’s no Ashton Kutcher hiding in the bushes, ready to pop out and tell us we’ve been Punk’d.

One such incident recently circulated on the web, featuring a parking lot in what appears to be the state of New Jersey. The situation kicks off with a woman in a late-model Ford Fiesta attempting to maneuver into a parking spot. Unfortunately, after colliding with a car parked next to her, it becomes apparent she doesn’t intend to stick around.

The ensuing events, captured on camera, present a cringeworthy yet oddly satisfying spectacle. Instead of a quick hit-and-run, the situation evolves into a three-minute ordeal as the woman struggles to exit the seemingly spacious parking spot in her tiny car that should be incredibly forgiving in such a spot.

While the 3-minute video duration captures the struggle, she may have wrestled with the predicament even longer before a bystander decided to document the ordeal.

The footage below unfolds in a way that worsens with each passing moment. One can only hope the car’s owner obtained the footage, and justice is served to the individual who deemed an apparent hit-and-run, the world’s slowest one at that, a viable course of action. Instances like these serve as a reminder to keep an eye on our fellow motorists at all times.