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This “Big Block LS” ’69 Chevelle Couldn’t Possibly Have More Cubic Inches

There’s really just something about a pure American muscle machine that makes the hair on the back of our necks stand up. It doesn’t really get much more Americana than a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and after seeing what this particular Chevelle has done to it, we can almost guarantee that it will put a smile on just about any car enthusiast’s face.

For starters, the car comes out of the gates swinging with a 1000 hp application. Now, if you’re anything like me and you hear about a car that makes that much power, the next natural question to ask is which power adder it has under the hood. I mean it has to have something serious going on, right?

In this particular case, there is no power adder to be found. Instead, what we find under the hood is a 632 ci big block straight from the folks at Chevrolet. That’s right, this monster is belting out four figures of power from the like of a naturally aspirated big block. Technically, this isn’t an LS engine but it does borrow many of the characteristics that one would find within the architecture of the LS family. It’s essentially described as something that “looks like an LS, but bigger.”

Below, we tune in with this wonderful example of American muscle that has really come together nicely. What we see isn’t just a vision come to life but instead a vision that has come together over the years with lots of stories to back it up. In fact, as the story goes, this car was even the catalyst for its owner to create his own hot rod shop that has since grown a substantial following.

One never truly knows where life is going to take them and this build shows off just that. In addition, we have to say that it’s an incredible work of art to boot!