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Would You Buy a 6-Cylinder TRX? (Ram Discontinues supercharged V8)

The existence of the Ram TRX, a screaming supercharged v8-powered performance pickup truck, can be largely attributed to the lack of supercharged V8 options among its competitors. Prior to the TRX’s arrival, the performance-oriented pickup truck market was dominated by 6-cylinder engines. Recognizing this gap in the market, Ram decided to introduce a rugged and rowdy truck, equipped with a supercharged V8 engine reminiscent of what you’d find under the hood of a Hellcat-powered vehicle.

Today, though, it seems like the brand might be abandoning this position altogether.

This time, we find ourselves in a somewhat disheartening landscape for enthusiasts of supercharged V8 engines. What is undeniably official is that brands under the Stellantis umbrella appear to be moving away from the supercharged V8 architecture – this includes the Ram TRX.

The looming question is, “What will replace the beloved supercharged V8?” This uncertainty arises as the TRX appears to be gearing up for another model year.

As we anticipate the exciting performance truck’s journey into 2024, enthusiasts are left wondering if a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine will step in to fill the void left by the supercharged V8.

All signs currently seem to point in that direction. In fact, the team at The Fast Lane Truck has dissected testing footage, revealing a camouflaged Ram pickup truck undergoing a little bit of a stint on public roads. However, with a similar appearance, what’s most intriguing is the distinct exhaust note, strongly suggesting that the TRX might soon feature a 6-cylinder engine.

In the video below, our hosts from TFL delve into the clip and offer speculations about what we may expect in the near future. With the possibility of a reduction in the number of cylinders on the horizon, there are concerns about potential power loss in this mighty pickup. On the brighter side, rumors suggest that a hybrid variant might be in development, which could help the TRX maintain or even surpass its current power levels.

While nothing is set in stone, some diehard fans of this performance truck might be feeling a sense of unease at the idea of a 6-cylinder powerplant making its way into the TRX in the near future. Only time will tell what the future holds for this iconic truck and its beloved supercharged engine.