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Your Grandparents Were Right, This is the Ultimate Budget Buy

It’s easy to dismiss a car cruising down the highway as just another “grandpa car.” Take those old-school Buicks, for instance; they weren’t exactly head-turners. In fact, they might as well blend right into the landscape. With their beige, uninspiring appearance, they hardly fit the bill for trendsetters in the automobile market.

However, some cars in this category deserve a closer look, particularly when it comes to their performance across various metrics. They might not be lookers but that isn’t to say that they are devoid of all value. Instead, they pack even more value because people aren’t interested in driving bland cars which keeps the values low and accessible.

Sure, for enthusiasts eyeing sleek, stylish rides, an early 2000s Buick LeSabre might not rank high on their list. But for those prioritizing reliability, comfort, and affordability, this model could be the perfect fit.

Equipped with the renowned 3.8 L V6 engine that seemed to power every sedan from General Motors in the early 2000s, these Buicks were virtually indestructible. Stories floated around of people running these engines without oil and encountering no issues whatsoever—they were that dependable.

Now, I wouldn’t advocate running your 3.8 L dry, but it underscores the point that with proper maintenance, these engines can endure for ages. Plus, despite its less-than-stellar exterior, the Buick LeSabre boasts a supremely comfortable ride, thanks to its cloud-like suspension and generously cushioned seats, making long road trips a breeze.

So, it turns out, that perhaps grandma and grandpa were onto something. Even in 2024, snagging a car like this could land you a dependable, cozy ride that’s also easy on the wallet. When you consider cost per mile driven, it’s hard to imagine anything rivaling both that and the comfort-to-price ratio of the early 2000s Buick LeSabres, a true diamond in the rough.

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