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Will it Run? Cadillac Revival Underway After 93 Years of Sitting

We can’t help but love the YouTube niche of creators who take old and weathered vehicles and attempt to make them run once again. Sure, mother nature might have taken its toll on some of these cars and trucks as they have sat outside in fields and experienced quite a bit of weathering over the years. However, with a little bit of know-how and determination, sometimes, these machines find a way of roaring back to life.

This time, we check in with what might just be one of the most extreme “Will it run” videos on YouTube. The subject of discussion in this particular video is a 1917 Cadillac that has most certainly seen better days. At the time that the video was filmed by our host, Jennings Motor sports on YouTube, the car was 104 years old and had been sitting in a field for 93 of those years

Back in its day, our host speculates that the person who owned this thing must’ve had a pretty good amount of money. While the brought an asking price of $4000 back in 1917, he tells us that this would be about $100,000 in modern money.

Even though the frame has seen better days and the body is falling apart, we do learn that the important components to make it run again are intact. With a solid engine and transmission, our host seems confident that he will be able to get the job done.

With the video below, we get to ride along to see exactly what a car looks like that has been sitting for over nine decades and if it’s possible to bring it back to life once again. Even though it seems as if this Cadillac is far beyond its roadworthy days, it’s incredibly intriguing to follow along with the journey to see if that original engine will breathe life once again.

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