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$1.3M Bugatti Hyper Watch Powered by Real Engine

The world of luxury watches is one that can bring some pretty wild price tags.

A collector will tell you that sometimes, these prices can be hard to navigate. While some pieces definitely can hold their value and be very good investments, others are probably going to depreciate as soon as you touch them.

Other times, though, collectors spend the money simply because they find a piece that they cannot live without and would absolutely love to have in their own personal collection regardless of investment value.

A automotive release from Jacob & Co. is definitely one that has been met with a plethora of different reactions.

Available in several different colors, the Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron series of watches seems to be the first of its kind as it showcases a Bugatti W16 engine that propels the watch hands. With a $1.3 million price tag, the watch comes in a variety of different finishes from Tsavorite Garnets to blue Sapphires, these piees really stand out.

The former was recently released at Dubai watch week and this is what Jacob & Co had to say about it:

“For the first time ever, Jacob & Co. will showcase the Bugatti Chiron Green Sapphire Crystal during Dubai Watch Week with a case made entirely of fully transparent green sapphire. Creating the green sapphire crystal color required a combination of “rare earth” and other minerals added to the manmade sapphire in its early stage of development.”

They continue, “This increases the chance that the sapphire will lose its chemical stability, causing inclusions, blisters and other deformations. It’s a delicate balancing act. You can see the results for yourself as you witness one of the great achievements in contemporary high watchmaking.”


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The watch is said to have been made “To honor the speed and aerodynamic features of the Chiron hyper sports car”

You can see the watches in their entirety down in the clips below. Be sure to tell us what you think of these watches and if you could see yourself dropping the $1.3 million asking price!


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