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Is the 2021 GMC Denali Carbon Pro Edition the Best Luxury Truck For the Money?

For fans of pickup trucks, it’s hard not to fall in love with some of the offerings these days. Not only are there trucks out there for people who love performance but those who want to be coddled with luxury have a lot of options as well.

Long gone are the days where a truck was built simply to do a job. These days, not only can trucks do the job and do it well but they can also provide every single feature that one would find in a high-end luxury machine as well. No longer is it necessary to buy something like a Mercedes-Benz to access the best in real-world luxury!

This time, we tune in with General Motors’s offering for a luxury pickup truck. As many of us know, the GMC Sierra Denali is the top-tier offering under the GMC nameplate. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury and all of the features that the Sierra has to offer, this is the model that you’re going to want to chase down. It’s really all that and a bag of chips as far as a GM goes.

How exactly does the Denali stack up against all the competition, though?

At the end of the day, there are a lot of competitors in this market who are all looking to take each other down. In order to do that, each brand tries to pack its own special flair into its truck to make it stand out from the group.

In the video below, we follow along as Ben Wayne takes us on a complete tour of the 2021 GMC Denali 1500 crew cab Carbon Pro Edition. In the video, we get to hear his take on if this truck can truly live up to the reputation of being the best luxury truck for the money.