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10 Best Concept Cars From 1960s & 1970s… What They Showed Us and What We Got Instead

Concept cars offer up an incredibly interesting dichotomy for those who get to see them. Essentially, the idea is that an automaker will use this medium to think outside of the box, taking swings for the fences and getting drastic when it comes to both the technology on board and the design of the vehicle in question.

These concepts seem to serve as a little bit of a taste for consumers as it relates to what particular manufacturers are up to and what they are capable of. However, it seems as if these radical designs are a bit too offensive for mass consumption in most cases as they rarely make it to the production line exactly as they are. After all, it’s not always the coolest car that’s going to make a manufacturer the most money which is what they’re in the business for, at the end of the day.

What can be sad for them, though, is that sometimes, certain features are borrowed and eventually applied to the real production machine. Sometimes, we even get lucky and see something close to one of these radical concepts launched to the public to see exactly how they pan out.

This time, we check in with  YouTube creator, MagnaLume, to ride along with 10 concept cars from the 1960s and 1970s that had manufacturers teasing all sorts of crazy ideas. While most of these naturally never made it, it gives us a glimpse into how exactly automakers were thinking at the time and what could have been.

Perhaps, some of these ideas were just way too crazy to have ever been adopted by the public. However, others leave us wondering if maybe these ideas are still bouncing around in the back of the heads of automakers and might make some sort of appearance in the modern era. In a landscape where things can tend to get a little bit bland sometimes, perhaps some of this wacky thinking is exactly what certain automakers need.

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