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1200 HP Barra Powered Work Van Turns Head at Aussie Powercruise

The concept of a sleeper is one that has drawn us in time and time again over the years, curious as to how somebody would take a vehicle that looks incredibly mundane and transform it into something incredibly fast that has people doing a double take to confirm what they just saw. We’re sure that the owner of this Bedford passenger van wouldn’t be offended at all if you told him that his hot rod looked common. In fact, it seems as if that was the exact goal.

The truth of the matter, though, is that when the throttle is cracked on this insane creation, we get to see that the van is anything but common as it takes on a variety of Aussie sports cars at the Powercruise at Queensland Raceway and truly holds its own.

Stuffed under the hood, or in the “engine tunnel,” if you will, is about 1200 hp that really transforms this common passenger van into something else entirely.

We have to say that other parts of the world including Australia really do get some of the coolest components that are produced by American automakers. In this particular case, we are referring to the Ford Barra application. For those unfamiliar, in the world of hot rodding, it is most frequently seen in the form of an inline 6-cylinder, commonly combined with a turbocharger and capable of making some serious power.

The 2JZ had better watch out!

In the video below, thanks to the Drag Photos Facebook page, we are able to check in with what is 1200 hp “refrigerator on wheels,” as one commenter calls it, is able to accomplish. On the outside, this thing might look about as aerodynamic as a brick and have onlookers thinking that it’s designed to take a group of children to school. When push comes to shove, though, let’s just say that this particular van is doing a lot more than looks let on.

Barra Bedford makes 1200hp at Summernats. Full exhaust ( should have bought the side pipe).