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1200 HP Sleeper F-150 Smokes Z06 on the Street (The Perfect Work Truck)

Even in a day and age where the pickup truck build has become more and more popular, sometimes it’s just hard to wrap our minds around watching a work truck beat up on something like a Chevrolet Corvette.

This time, though, we check in with exactly the truck for the job. Everything starts out with a 2020 Ford F-150 pickup. The truck is, of course, a regular cab short bed layout. Under the hood, we find a Gen 3 Coyote. Even though the truck shares engine architecture with the Mustang, there’s really nothing to see here as the combination comes like this from the factory.

Things become interesting when we learn about the boost onboard. The intercooler might be a bit of a giveaway that there are a couple of turbos hiding under the hood. To be more specific, the truck features twin 67 mm turbos, both with a 76 mm hot side.

From there, the machine also features a ported 2021 intake from a Mustang GT. Lastly, we find what I described as “minor internals,” perhaps an upgraded connecting rod and piston combination, along with a fuel system to support the newly found forced induction.

The crew over at That Racing Channel took it upon themselves to showcase the build to the world and boy are we glad that they did! Even though on the outside, this thing looks like a factory Ford pickup, minus the Weld Racing wheels, it actually ends up being pretty kick-ass to the tune of 1200 hp. Throw in the fact that it’s all-wheel-drive and has a factory exhaust and you have yourself the combination for the ultimate super sleeper.

Down in the video below, we ride along as we get the complete tour of the truck along with watching it in action as it runs into an unsuspecting Corvette Z06 on the street.