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1300HP Jeep TrackHawk is a 2-Second 0-60MPH Monster!

Straight out of the box, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is quite an impressive machine. Even as a heavyweight SUV, the 707 supercharged horsepower residing under the hood is really enough to get this thing going more so than pretty much every other SUV on the streets.

However, just because it’s one of the most powerful rides that you can get your hands on from the factory these days isn’t to say that performance enthusiasts are going to leave it alone. In fact, the opposite is true as these things have been modified in all sorts of different ways and have gone from insane to even more insane with just a couple of trick parts.

After all, we gear heads just can’t leave well enough alone, can we!?

This time, we check in with one example of a Trackhawk that is an absolute monster. With the help of a little bit of nitrous along with some other modifications, the 707 hp maniac has been bolstered to a whopping 1300 hp. Combine that with the Jeep’s all-wheel-drive system and you have yourself a big bad machine that is taking off like a rocket and keeping your head pinned to the headrest until you let off of the gas pedal.

By following along with the video below from That Racing Channel, we check in with what might just be the ultimate family hauler. Not only can you throw groceries in the back and put kids in the backseat of this thing. It also manages to get up and go 0 to 60 to the tune of just 2.0 seconds. For somebody looking for a ride to can do just about anything, look no further than the “CamoHawk.”

These things are an absolute blast and when you start tinkering with them, they can really be taken to an all-new level.

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