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15 Future Roadway Designs That Change Driving as we Know It

Until the recent addition of electric power and self-driving cars, driving as we know it was something that hadn’t changed all that much for decades. Sure, cars are always evolving and changing, adding new features and more efficient ways of carrying out driving-related tasks. However, as far as a monumental shift that would completely reframe everything we know about driving, getting behind the wheel has been something that’s pretty consistent across generations.

However, that isn’t for lack of trying as the infrastructure industry has billions of dollars on the table just waiting for somebody to come along with the next new idea to revolutionize the world. The catch, though, is that these products that are generally incredibly expensive have to be able to justify their asking price in order for major projects to take on this new technology.

This time, though, we follow along with a video from the Top Fives YouTube channel that dives into some of the ways that roadways might change in the future. The list is a composition of a variety of different improvements that give us a whole new view on how we travel.

Some of these improvements come through the use of different materials that will make them more durable, eco-friendly, and even more affordable. Other times, we check out unique functional features like road lines that glow in the dark that might help motorists in dark areas and could go so far as replacing light poles. Perhaps, something like the intelligent speed bumps that will pop up and down at a given time might be something that catches one’s eye.

In any case, below, we tune in with some of these improvements to see what they’re all about and how roadways, as we know them, might change for the better in the future.

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