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Are “Snow Socks” a Legitimate Snow Traction Solution?

In just about any facet of life that can be improved by a retail product, there are companies out there that are looking to do better so that they can seize a share of the consumer wallet. This is especially true when it comes to all sorts of different aftermarket additions or modifications that one might add to their vehicle.

More specifically in the niche of products that are designed to help drivers get through snowy conditions, there are a ton of different concepts that one might find on store shelves. Traditionally, we see things like snow chains that are tried and true but since the invention of snow chains, lots of others have stepped in to try and do a little bit better. Whether or not they’ve succeeded is another story entirely.

The difficult part is figuring out which one of these products is worth adding to the repertoire and which will probably leave you stranded.

When approaching something like a product known as “snow socks,” it really seems like an absolute gimmick at first. How could wrapping something around your tire that is fashioned like a sock potentially add any traction to the equation when it’s snowy outside?

Well, with the help of our host, Sergiu Gabor, we get to see just that. In this test, our host treats us to a comparison that puts a variety of different snow traction devices head to head to see which one pans out better than the rest.

This is most certainly a good test to be familiar with if you’re somebody who lives in an area that gets a lot of snow and you also happen to drive a car that might not exactly do so well with the fluffy white stuff.

So, are $55 socks really be the best option here? It’s time to find out just that by tuning in with the video below.

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