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1800HP Sequential C7 Z06 Corvette on the Street – IT’S SCARY FAST! (94MM Turbo + 427CI)

When most people take a look at something like a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, they see a finely tuned performance machine that is going to blow away most of the other cars on the streets. In fact, the factory 650 hp that a machine like this makes is going to be more than enough power for most drivers to really get their kicks.

For those of us in the automotive performance community, though, we know that sometimes, even the hundreds of horsepower offered by the factory just isn’t enough. Instead, we just feel like there’s something special about really turning up the volume and giving these cars a bit of a boost.

This time, thanks to That Racing Channel, we get to check in with a 2016 Z06 that is something incredibly special. In fact, we might even go so far as saying that this car is downright demonic as it not only throws down massive horsepower but also looks and sounds the part of a monster.

This head turner is fitted with 427 cubic inches of power that are complemented with all of the beefy internals and supporting mods that one could possibly imagine as outlined by the interview below from TRC. To top things off, we find a Precision Pro Mod 94 mm turbo humming along to the tune of about 24 psi that creates some pretty monstrous power.

From what we put together, the car is currently making about 1500 hp but its owner says it’s capable of about 1800 hp. The reason that it doesn’t see this peak power is that the car is a work in progress, gradually being brought along before going all out at its potential 40 psi of peak boost.

Below, we dive into this machine that is certainly one that will not only turn heads but will manage to snap its fair share of necks for those who dare to ride along.

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