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GM Cuts Off 2023 Corvette Z06 Orders, New Z06 is Going to be Rare!

As the world shut down for COVID back in 2020 and all sorts of industries were impacted, at the time, we were left to wonder just how long we might be feeling the effects of the pandemic. Fast forward to September 2022 and we’re still witnessing heavy impacts in the supply chain aspect of life that was derailed when shutdowns first struck.

Those who have been attempting to purchase a vehicle recently have probably noticed that prices are incredibly high because manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand. These struggles have been linked back to supply chains being shut down for a substantial amount of time and certain components becoming hard to get.

General Motors made a big announcement in this realm as they announced that they will no longer be taking orders for the 2023 Corvette Z06.

Per an August release from GM Authority, “2023 Chevy Corvette Z06 production will be constrained at just 10 percent of accepted orders due to what the automaker refers to as a plant restriction”

More recently, GM Authority broke the news that the already restrained number of orders is going to meet another brick wall. In other words, with all of these factors coming into play, the 2023 Corvette Z06 is probably going to be a pretty rare car when all is said and done. It might be a bit early in the timeline to say for sure but it feels like years from now, The 2023 Z06 is probably going to be a machine that brings pretty big money at auction as a collector’s item when it becomes a classic as folks remember the years of supply chain struggle.

In other news, Rick Corvette Conti tells us, in the video below, that GM is going to relax its block on warranty restraints. Previously, the brand offered $5,000 in GM reward points for people who kept the car for a year. In addition, they announced that selling the car before 12 months would void the warranty as well. However, this 12-month restriction has been reduced to just six months.

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