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2024 GMC Syclone is the Truck the Performance Community Has Been Begging For

The year is 1991 and General Motors is in the midst of competition to be the fastest on the streets. At the time, horsepower wars were on as brands tried to go toe to toe with one another in the name of creating the slickest sports car possible.

This was when GM decided that they were going to throw a wrench in the gears and try something completely different. It’s certainly a noteworthy occurrence because it’s not very often that automakers go off of the beaten path and try something that might not appeal to a mass audience.

However, it seems as if GM was fully invested in trying to do something that hadn’t been done on quite this level before. As we now know, this idea was to take the functionality of a small pickup truck and combine it with the power that one would find in a sports car. The result is the performance-oriented GMC Syclone.

Even though there was only a hair under 3000 of these things ever produced, the idea would be one that became etched in the minds of many performance enthusiasts as we have been yearning for such a performance street truck ever since.

While there have been some examples of such machines over the years, the likes of the Syclone would never again be seen, at least not from GM itself. However, between aftermarket companies and renderings of creative artists, we have been able to kind of get a vibe of what such a machine would look like if it were to come back in the modern era.

Below, we check in with YouTube creator, Brian Mello, who joins forces with Zephyr_Designz to create a modern-day Syclone based on the likes of the GMC Canyon. GMC hasn’t announced any plans to proceed with such a model. However, seeing this ultra-aggressive machine come to life is something that’s really inspiring.