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$3,000 Race Comes Down to a Bumper in Cali vs NOLA Street Outlaws Showdown

The exciting part about street racing is that none of us ever really know what’s going to happen. Sure, there might be a clear winner on paper but the street can be the great equalizer.

One moment, the result might seem clear. However, the next moment could bring a shift in momentum that simply throws the storyline off its axis and creates an entirely new story that dominates the race.

In this particular showdown, we check in with Street Outlaws competitors from both California and New Orleans. Featuring a diverse set of cars, this race certainly promises to be a good one.

Right from the start, it seems like team California has this race in the bag. As the race begins, the yellow Nissan, sporting the California flag, builds up quite a substantial lead in terms of a drag race like this. However, as the car loses a little bit of control and swerves around, let’s just say that things get a lot closer. In fact, the Ford Mustang representing NOLA in the next lane takes the opportunity to close the gap.

Where things get interesting is when the two cars meet at the finish line. After the theatrics conclude, it’s incredibly difficult to tell who the winner is. In fact, the result was so close that the person at the finish line doesn’t want to call a winner but instead defers to video evidence to determine the victor.

I won’t spoil the entire surprise for you the unfolds in the video below. However, what I will say is that this race, which initially had a pretty wide gap and “obvious” winner, ended up coming down to a spread that was about the same distance as one bumper length. Photo finishes like this are exactly why we love drag racing!