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750 hp Supercharged Chevy Blazer on Full Custom Chassis Rips!!

Back in the 70s, the Chevrolet Blazer was a pretty awesome machine. In hindsight, these things get even cooler with age as the nostalgia really starts to kick in. It’s definitely a platform that we don’t mind seeing hot rodded out to see just how creative some people can get with a wrench.

This time, thanks to our host at AutotopiaLA, we get to see a 1970 K5 Blazer that was picked up out of a trailer park for $1500 a couple of years back. However, with one look at it today, no one would ever guess that this thing was just sitting in somebody’s yard and rotting away at one point.

The so-called “Laid-Back” Blazer has undergone extensive modification over the past couple of years that has replaced just about every component that one could possibly imagine. To be fair, the man behind the machine says that about the only original part on the truck is the cowl and the glove box.

Among the list of parts that have undergone a modification, of course, we find the monster under the hood. Powering this beast, we check in with a 6.2L LS3 that’s topped off with a 3.0L Whipple supercharger to really make some noise. When all is said and done, the truck makes 737 hp to the rear wheels on E85 fuel, says the builder. When using regular pump gas, the truck is still capable of 650 hp to the rear wheel wheels which we’d bet is still a pretty intense ride in and of itself.

Below, we check in with the 5000 pound heavyweight that gets used for autocross from time to time and is beaten on, just like any good build should be. We get a feeling that this thing has to be an absolute blast to get behind the wheel of to go for a rip!