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8800-Mile Barn Find RX-7 Pulled From Garage and Detailed (Basically a Brand New Car!)

When it comes to the cars that haven’t been touched in years and are hiding out in garages around the country, there are some truly amazing specimens to be found. Plenty of these cars are all original and have a way of serving as some sort of time capsule, taking us back to whatever era the machine in question might be from. This is because the cars, many times, have been kept away from the elements or any sort of modification or wear and tear. In some cases, they are exactly as they were when they rolled off of the dealership lot, plus some dust and dirt, and have stayed that way for years.

This time, we check in with the curious Case of a Mazda RX-7. This particular model is highly sought after in the collector community and this particular example is one that will make collectors’ eyes pop out of their heads.

With just 8800 miles on the odometer, the car has been sitting since 1999. Apparently, the original owner of the car drove it around for a while, and eventually, when he took it on the freeway, the car scared him so he left it parked in the garage which is where it has been parked for all of these years.

When the machine was unearthed by its new owners, there were a couple of surprises to be found inside including ammunition in a few dead mice alongside a couple of other interesting twists and turns.

However, in this video from WD Detailing, we watch as the car is completely gone over with a fine tooth comb and cleaned up. After its first wash and 23 years and thorough detail, the car looks like brand new again. It’s pretty neat to see all of these components come to life which gives us the vibe of the era in which this awesome hot rod was produced.

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