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Arizona Motorsports Ranch Features Private Garage Homes, 2.7 Miles of Tracks

There are certain things that gearheads dream about that seem like an impossibility. However, with some creative investors out there in the world, some of these wild ideas are coming to life and it’s incredibly cool to bear witness.

One of these genius plans comes at us in the form of Inde Motorsports Ranch. The desert ranch in Wilcox, AZ, offers up the ultimate playground for anybody who considers themselves a racing enthusiast.

Essentially, the idea was to buy up a ton of ground in the desert and turn it into the ultimate racing oasis. Think race track meets country club in the coolest way possible.

So, what makes the place so awesome?

For starters, the facility has rentable garages and Casitas for those looking for a little bit of living space right by the track. For those looking for a custom touch, there are also plots available that can be built on. The icing on the cake with this side of the operation is that the facility has a staff that will fuel up your car and have it warmed up and ready to roll when you want to go racing.

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As far as the track itself, the members-only racing surface is a 2.7-mile stretch that features 21 corners. The surface is designed to be made into a variety of different configurations so things never get stale.

A couple of other features to look out for include an area for private planes to fly in and an on-site SCCA licensing school for those looking to learn how to race. In other words, this place might just be the motorhead-centric paradise that you’ll enter and never, ever want to leave!