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Abandoned U-Haul Mini Truck Gets Turned to SHOW STOPPER!

As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is especially prevalent in the automotive community as find stories of those who have stumbled across all sorts of different barn and field finds that can really make our eyes pop.

Sometimes, these finds are pretty obvious as they show off old school rides that are highly sought after and could be worth a lot of money fixed up. Other times, though, perhaps the creative type can see potential in a vehicle that not many would otherwise recognize as anything special.

This time, we check out a find that falls into the latter category as an old school U-Haul truck is stumbled upon by a creator who goes by Puddin’s Fab Shop on YouTube.

Back in the day, apparently, U-Haul offered up mini trucks to its customers. These days, the company has been working more toward renting out trailers, bigger box trucks, and regular pickups. This particular example, though, shows off a Ford Courier with a box on the back.

Now, most folks might pass over this thing and just see it as an old delivery truck. However, Puddin’ saw something that he most certainly had a relatively unique vision for. When all is said and done, this old box truck would be shined up and made into a sort of rat rod, if you will.

Down to the video below, we get to check in with this old-school U-Haul truck that gets a little bit of attention. This build just goes to show that a $600 field find can definitely go a long way with the right person working on it. We would venture to think that a ride like this would certainly turn a lot of heads if it were to go to a car show.

Sometimes, talent and creativity certainly go a lot further than money alone!