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Absolute Monster – 1969 Camaro Hits Dyno at FuelTech

We can’t help but love when we get to take a peek inside of the dyno room at FuelTech and see what kind of monster is on the hubs and looking to lay down some major horsepower. This time, we get to check in with a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro that can be seen laying down the law frequently at Piedmont Dragway.

FuelTech tells us “There are dozens of Pro Mod race groups around the country and one of the more storied ones is the Big Dog Shootout, hosted by Piedmont Dragway. This year the group is making national news with several high-profile racers returning to the popular shootout format. The rules are simple with nitrous combinations limited to a 5-inch bore space engine combination and just two nitrous systems. Veteran Big Dog racer Cam Clark is coming out swinging in 2021 as he added FuelTech EFI to his Sonny’s Automotive powerplant, which is mounted in a Rick Jones Race Cars 1969 Chevy Camaro.”

FuelTech does offer these hub dyno services for racers who really want to get the most out of their combinations or work out any kinks with new builds. This time, Cam Clarke brought in the Sonny’s Automotive Camaro to help get it dialed in. However, after a couple of pulls, rear-end failure would prevent a complete session but they do plan on upgrading the unit before making their way back to the track. In turn, we were able to get some pretty awesome details on the car along with hearing it roar to life.

Down in the video below, we check in with this monster of a machine as it absolutely screams! From top to bottom, the machine is clad in all sorts of electronic goodies from the folks over at FuelTech that help keep all parameters in line and constantly providing data to the team so they can get the car where it needs to become race day!