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Trucks That NEVER Break Down (Reliably run 1,000,000 miles)

When it’s time to shop for a new vehicle, pretty much every consumer has a different set of needs in mind. This is why there are so many different models available, even if the vast majority of the offering on dealership lots today consists of boring and bland crossovers, but I digress.

In any case, no matter what somebody wants to buy, whether it’s a trendy sports car or a blob of a crossover vehicle, there is one metric that every single vehicle shopper is going to be looking for. That metric is, of course, reliability.

It doesn’t matter who you are. When push comes to shove, nobody wants to buy a vehicle that’s either going to leave them stranded or have them take it back to the dealer time and time again to get fixed. Therefore, we use all the data that we have available to us to try to avoid that very situation. Buying a lemon can be one of the biggest headaches imaginable.

Sometimes, it can be hard to know for sure which cars and trucks are the best of the bunch and which are just all hype. With the help of certain YouTube videos, making that decision can be just a little bit easier. With the amount of data floating around the web, informed purchase decisions are easier than ever before.

This time, we check in with YouTube creator, Ideal Media, who attempts to get to the bottom of this whole reliability deal as it applies to pickup trucks.

Below, we dive into this compilation of pickups that attempts to prove that they can last the longest. Through a variety of different data points, this list attempts to find the best of the bunch, some of which are fan favorites that are known most for their reliability and others being surprises that maybe you didn’t see coming.

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