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Are All Motor Oils the Same? Comparing 5k, 10k, and 20k Mile Motor Oil From the Same Brand

One trip to the motor oil aisle turns up a wide variety of different choices to choose from. Even if somebody is able to narrow down their options to a single brand, each brand even has a variety of different formulas, or so they say, that will cater to each specific vehicle type. Coming up with the right answer requires a bit of critical thinking.

However, as marketing is a massive part of just about every consumer purchase these days, we can’t help but wonder just how much it plays into this equation. Are the oil selections in question really that vastly different or is the marketing team just chiming in to try and help the company sell a couple more units of whatever it is that they are trying to hock?

Instead of just speculating, this time, we check in with the test that attempts to get to the bottom of that equation to see just how much value the label on the container truly holds.

The brand this time is Super Tech and in this video, our host at Project Farm lines up three different Super Tech blends next to one another in order to attempt to see just how different each one is. The oil selections range from being fully synthetic to a synthetic blend as well as advertising that they are able to handle 5,000, 10,000, or 20,000 miles of runtime each.

Below, our host dives into this comparison in typical Project Farm fashion. After putting this collection of oil through a variety of different side by side tests, our host attempts to get to the bottom of the big question – are these different options all that different from one another or is Super Tech attempting to pull a bit of a marketing trick on our minds?

With a comparison like this, you’ll be able to oil shop with much more confidence next time!