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Audi Will be Done With Combustion Engines by 2026

It seems as if, moving into the future, just about every automotive brand has its own personal strategy on how exactly they’re going to handle the electrification of the vehicle. With many seeming to think that electricity is going to take over as the main power source for commuter cars, many have committed to getting rid of all combustion engines by a certain year.

The most recent automaker to announce that they will be moving away from both diesel and gasoline is Audi. Apparently, with the EU cracking down on emissions standards time and time again, Audi has decided to stop its development of any new combustion engines. Instead, they have promised that we will see the end of combustion engines with Audi in the year 2026. Up until then, they plan on modifying existing combinations to get them to their electric future but as far as new engine releases, we have seen the last from the brand.

With announcements like this comes the question of just how long we can expect the combustion engine to hang around. Naturally, many of us gearheads absolutely love our hot rods. In the near future, though, it looks like purchasing a new hot rod might just have to come with an electric plug-in. Whether or not this will be the norm is yet to be determined but lots of brands seem to be heading in that direction.

Down below, we check in with Automotive Antics who spells out exactly what this means. As we know, Audi has several peripheral brands as well and they aren’t necessarily on the same track as Audi when it comes to going electric.

Lamborghini, for example, plans to implement some sort of hybrid system first. It’s really hard to tell what the future might hold. However, for now, it’s not looking all that promising for the future of combustion.