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BMW M6 Drag Races a Dog and the Dog Almost Wins!

If you’re a competitor, competition is something that could be deeply ingrained in your DNA to make you want to compete everywhere. Many of us in the car community feel this very sensation as we can’t help it but race just about everyone that we possibly can.

On top of it all, being able to compare a couple of different platforms is usually a pretty interesting experience. Not only do we want to go home with a victory. We want to see if my combination of modifications on the platform of my choice can best your choices in these areas.

As a publication that’s dedicated to cars and everything fast, we can say that we have seen a lot of races go down. Just when we thought that every single platform imaginable had been compared to the next, out comes another video to really show us that we’ve seen nothing.

Now, we would say that this competition is a little bit more lighthearted but it’s still fun to watch nonetheless.

Apparently, when a BMW M6 owner who goes by the name of m.machines on Instagram gets home every day, there’s a competitor waiting for him in the neighborhood. This competitor would just so happen to be his neighbor’s dog who awaits the car coming down the street.

This isn’t where the story stops, though, as apparently the driver eventually realized that this dog wasn’t just standing there and waiting to watch the car roll by. Instead, when the driver of the BMW punches the throttle, the dog is down for a little bit of a race every day.

Below, we check in to see how this competition goes for our furry four-legged friend. The owner of the BMW does admit that the dog loses every day. However, he’s more than willing to let the pup try it out whenever he comes home.


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