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Boomer Purists React to ’65 Mustang With HONDA SWAP!

One of the cool things about hot rodding is that a build can be taken in just about any direction imaginable. With a little bit of vision and the willingness to get it done, some of the craziest ideas that most never thought possible could come to life. The craft is all about creativity and who can come up with that one idea that makes all of their peers stop and stare.

For one YouTuber by the name of TOM’S REFURBthat idea would just so happen to come to him with the help of a classic Mustang build. However, this 1965 Ford Mustang wasn’t about to get the same treatment as the rest of its type. Instead, the man behind it all decided that he wanted to remove the guts and replace them with something else entirely.

This wouldn’t be your typical LS or modern Ford swap, either. Instead, this particular pony would get the guts of a turbocharged Honda.

In terms of being unique, this particular combination hits the nail on the head. However, it also happens that such a combination might be seen as blasphemy by a pretty good contingent of the Mustang community. As it turns out, there are a good number of Mustang enthusiasts who believe that only Ford power should be matched with their beloved pony cars.

A good number of these “purists,” if you will, can be found at the Ford Summer Nationals in Carlisle, PA which is exactly where our host took his build to see how people would like the idea of a Honda powertrain under the hood of one of the cornerstone models of the mustang community.

Below, we check in with some hidden camera footage that shows off the reactions to this unique creation. While some loved it, others seemed to hate it and a third group really struggled to wrap their heads around what exactly it was that they were looking at.