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BTS With AZN – Street Outlaws S15 Ep4 “Blacktop Blues”

One of the things that differentiates street racing from any other sort of racing and makes it unique is the idea that the surface being used is a true wild card. Unlike taking drag racing to a track where the surface is designed to be raced on, the streets are a beast that can be tough to tame, especially if racers are heading to a new location that they’re unfamiliar with. This is what makes them so unpredictable and keeps racers on the streets time and time again.

This time, we check in with a behind the scenes take on an episode of Street Outlaws that shows off just how volatile the streets can be. This time, when the crew heads out to race, the surface in question is dirty. Typically, dirt is the enemy of traction as is anything that gets between a tire and a smooth surface. Whether it’s dirt, gravel, or anything else, if it gets in the way, things can get a bit sketchy.

Fortunately for the 405, they come wielding a racer by the name of AZN who has a little something that could give them the upper hand. AZN’s Jeeper Sleeper SRT8 Cherokee comes fitted with an all wheel drive combination that should help throw the traction battle in their favor. If it will be enough to truly turn the tides is yet to be determined and you’re going to have to watch the full fourth episode of the current 15th season to find out the full extent of that story.

Below, though, we get to check in with some of the things going on off of the camera that maybe fans didn’t get to see during the production that made it to the Discovery channel. With a video like this, we get to complement the TV show to get a better feeling of what it’s really like on race night!

Be sure to tune in Monday for full episodes of Street Outlaws.

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