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“Jay Leno’s Garage” Cancelled, Leno Suffers Motorcycle Accident That Breaks Both Kneecaps

Automotive icon Jay Leno will no longer be hosting Jay Leno’s Garage on the NBC family of networks as the show has been canceled. Leno has been with NBC for 30 years and it appears as if he might finally be calling it quits from the network. After hosting The Tonight Show through 2014, Leno would transition straight into his new role at Jay Leno’s Garage the very next year.

The show focuses on Jay’s love of cars and features a mix of car reviews, celebrity interviews, and road trips. In each episode, Jay showcases a variety of classic and exotic cars and provides a behind-the-scenes look at the automotive world. The show aims to entertain viewers with interesting car stories and offer a glimpse into Jay’s extensive car collection of which he offers a great deal of knowledge and insight.

It’s unclear if Leno will continue to host this show or something similar in some capacity on his own. After all, with the way that streaming platforms are today, it would be absolutely no issue for the entertainer to continue on with his career or some sort of passion project after parting ways with NBC. It has been reported that this cancellation is a part of a larger schedule shift at the network.

In other, likely unrelated news, Leno ended up in the hospital once again following a motorcycle accident. After falling from the motorcycle, he broke his collarbone, two ribs, and cracked both kneecaps. As terrible as that sounds, Jay was back to work shortly after.

This isn’t the only time in recent memory that Leno spent some time in the hospital. In November of 2022, he suffered some serious burns due to a freak accident while working in the garage in which gasoline lit parts of his body, including his face, on fire.