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C8 Corvette Gets New Life With West Coast Customs Widebody Conversion

For the vast majority of consumers, being able to buy a C8 Corvette is an absolute dream. The latest generation of Corvette that has taken on the facade of a supercar with the transition from front-engine to mid-engine configuration seems to be nothing short of a dream machine for most.

However, when some take a look at any factory stock car, even one as highly regarded as this, they can’t help but get the itch to modify it.

This time, we check in with an individual who bought such a Corvette and took it straight to the folks over at West Coast Customs because he wanted to spice things up a little bit and spice things up WCC did.

The already impressive machine would receive a variety of different custom modifications to really make it pop. In order to make this particular Corvette stand out from the pack, it would start out with modifications like an airbag suspension, custom stereo, vertical doors, complete wrap, and a set of custom wheels.

In addition, the modifications that really make this thing one of a kind are the widebody and the exhaust work. While creating a custom exhaust might sound like something that’s pretty straightforward and a modification that most would start with, this particular Corvette has the liberty of routing the exhaust through the back bumper to make this thing look a little bit more like a supercar, mimicking some of the modified exotics that we know and love.

By riding along with the video below, we get to see, in just 14 minutes, how exactly all of this work comes together. While this is only a fraction of the effort that goes into creating a setup like this, it does give us an idea of how a vision goes from nothing more than a concept to something that is staring right back at us in physical form.

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