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As an automotive enthusiast, many of us yearn for the freedom to push our vehicles to their limits without consequences on public highways. Sadly, in most parts of the world, this remains a forbidden fantasy. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as certain sections of Germany’s renowned Autobahn, where drivers can experience the thrill of unrestricted speeds. It is on these stretches of road that many enthusiasts choose to put their high-performance machines to the test and witness their true potential in a way that would end with a driver in jail here in the states.

Today, we shift our focus to the Tesla Model S Plaid, the title holder for the quickest and fastest mass produced car in existence when it comes to the quarter mile. With an impressive 1020 horsepower under the hood, this electric marvel has already demonstrated its capabilities in confined spaces. Now, we remove all limitations as the Autobahn meets one of America’s most powerful street-legal machines.

In the following video, we witness the full force of all 1020 horses unleashed. While electric cars may sometimes ignite heated debates in the car community, it’s undeniably difficult not to be impressed by the sheer performance prowess of the Model S Plaid.

Despite its top speed of 166 mph, which might not be groundbreaking compared to other high-performance vehicles, observing this silent missile seamlessly propel itself from a slow roll to over 160 mph in an instant is truly awe-inspiring. There is an eerie sensation, however, in witnessing such velocity come to life without the roar of a traditional combustion engine.

When push comes to shove, it’s a pure joy to watch the Model S Plaid do its thing on the Autobahn in the clip below. While it may not break any land speed records, the platform’s acceleration and power delivery leave an indelible mark on anyone lucky enough to witness it in action.