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Car Lawyer Explains Car Buying Myths, Risks, and How to NOT Get Screwed!

When it comes to making a major purchase like a vehicle, things can be a little bit intimidating for somebody who doesn’t know their way around a dealership. This is especially true, apparently, when purchasing a used vehicle as consumers aren’t afforded as many assurances as they would be with a new vehicle.

This time, thanks to the folks over at VINWiki, we got to go inside of the differences between purchasing a new and used vehicle. In this particular case, we get to learn all about the rules of a vehicle being “as is” which can basically mean that as soon as you drive it off of the lot, it’s yours and all of the problems are as well. Heck, it might even mean that all of the problems are yours even if the vehicle doesn’t make it off of the lot after you purchase it.

In any case, when initiating any sort of major purchase like this, it’s the consumer’s duty to do all of the research and homework before going home with something that could end up being an issue.

With videos like this, though, where we get to join in with Steve Lehto, the lemon law attorney, we have the opportunity to learn a lot about what potential pitfalls might be lurking over the horizon. Sure, buying a used car can be scary if you don’t know what you’re doing. However, with a little bit of good old YouTube research and maybe a friend who knows their way around a car, the process doesn’t have to be scary at all. Just being aware of all the different things that could potentially happen is a pretty big part of the battle because once you know how to look out for these issues, you arm yourself with knowledge and have a much better chance at a smooth transaction.

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