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One of the Most Common Schemes That a Car Dealer Might Try to Pull on You

When it comes to car dealerships as a whole, they have built up a notorious reputation for being a little bit slick. In many cases, dealerships will do everything that they can to get that quick buck, misleading a buyer and in some cases, downright lying to win the sale. Now, don’t get us wrong. There are definitely dealerships out there that operate with the aim of bringing their customer the best experience they possibly can. On the other hand, though, unfortunately, we have to say that there is definitely a reason why some of these negative stereotypes about the car dealership on the corner exit.

Let’s just say that the best way to defend yourself is to head into every transaction as well-versed as possible.

This time, we find yet another one of the slick ways that dealerships will take it upon themselves to get the sale by any means possible even if it means misleading the customer and maybe doing some things that are borderline illegal, car dealers can use the process of spot delivery to trick people into buying a car.

Essentially, the dealer will lead on like everything is good. A buyer will sign all the papers and be out the door but it’ll be a couple of days later when the dealer calls up the buyer and says that they need to come in to fix something with the paperwork. It turns out that in some situations, dealers will do what’s called a spot delivery in order to get someone to go home with a car. Basically, the financing isn’t approved but the buyer can take the car anyway.

In many cases, they could do this in anticipation of the buyer getting approved, alerting them that they can go home with the car but the bank situation might make it complicated. Other times, though, dealers have been cited for leading a buyer into thinking that they have already been approved, knowing very well that it’s going to be a challenge to get the numbers to work properly.

Down in the video below, we’re giving a complete rundown on the situation to see how dealers can do some sketchy things in order to get a buyer off of the market. At the end of the day, it might mean that the buyers end up having to do something like put more money down or might even end up having to pick out another car.


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