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Car Owner Rigs Elaborate Booby Trap to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

If you weren’t aware that catalytic converter theft is running rampant then welcome to the show. Hope you had a nice nap under that rock that you’ve been living under.

All jokes aside, catalytic converter theft has evolved past small time crime and has become a staple of high dollar criminal enterprises in some cases. Last year, we covered a multi million dollar sting operation that discovered nearly $22 million in stolen catalytic converters.

There are two reasons why this is such a lucrative venture for criminals. First of all, is the obvious. Catalytic converters contain precious metals that are necessary for them to function. These precious metals are worth a ton of money, hundreds of dollars per converter in some cases.

Second, the part could be about the easiest and quickest thing to steal on a car. Furthermore, there isn’t very much that vehicle owners can realistically do as a security measure to protect their investment.

When one particular vehicle owner heard the news, though, they took matters into their own hands, getting creative in order to try to stop criminals from cutting off their catalytic converter.

With the help of barbed wire, steel cable, and of course, zip ties, this vehicle owner got creative. The barbed wire creates a sort of shield around the highly desirable part underneath of the vehicle. The bakers_armory Instagram account showcases the contraption that was discovered when the vehicle was taken to a mechanic shop.

While sticking your hand through the wire presents quite the threat, we would guess that something like this is more of a deterrent than anything. Sure, a crook could sit there and figure out how to detach the mass of barbed wire that is hanging underneath of the vehicle. However, we would guess that any criminal looking to make a quick buck would probably just move onto the next vehicle instead of getting involved with something like this.


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