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Chased By Cops After Illegal Street Test Session!

Big Chief & Murder Nova Chased By Cops After Illegal Street Test Session!

In the underground world of street racing, participants are well aware of the illegal nature of their activities.

While the crew at Street Outlaws may have access to private, legal racing spaces, their origins trace back to evading the law to indulge their need for speed. Even today, when testing modifications on the streets remains a necessity for even the most famous racers, evading law enforcement likely remains a part of their routine.

In this throwback clip, we’re transported back to a time when the faces of Big Chief and Murder Nova appeared considerably younger compared to their current appearances. Let’s face it, in these throwback clips they look like babies!

As the duo navigates, they face challenges in finding suitable testing locations away from law enforcement. Like seasoned street racers, they target specific spots to push their cars to the limit and fine-tune performance, gathering crucial data to assess modifications.

In the words of Big Chief and Murder Nova, timing is everything in situations like this. They must swiftly select their testing spots to avoid detection by law enforcement. It’s not easy to convince a police officer that laying down chemicals for traction on the road is innocent behavior, especially with high-performance cars lurking as well. Therefore, efficiency is key—they must gather essential data while minimizing their time on the streets to avoid unwanted attention.

The footage below offers a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes test sessions that helped shape some of the most prominent Street Outlaws stars on their journey to fame. It’s a reminder of the gritty origins of their passion for racing and the risks they’ve taken to pursue their dreams in the high-octane world of street racing.

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