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Clash Of The Kings: Murder Nova Takes On Ryan Martin In $6,000 Race | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

When you approach a tournament-style racing event where your buddies are participating, there’s a glimmer of hope that you won’t reach into the bag of poker chips with names written on them and draw one of your friends as your first competitor or run into these friends in an early round. Ideally, you’d prefer to be on the opposite side of the bracket, with the dream of meeting your friend in the finals, ensuring that at least one of you secures the win and the associated prize money.

Regrettably, this ideal scenario seems rare, and it often feels like fate has a knack for pitting those who came to the race together against each other in the early rounds. While it’s entirely a random draw, it’s not unusual to witness members of the 405 crew repeatedly facing off in the initial rounds of various competitions.

In this instance, the competition in question unfolds during a round of No Prep Kings, taking us back to Season 3 at Firebird Raceway. The final eight competitors included Street Outlaws, Murder Nova (Shawn Ellington) and Ryan Martin, who found themselves paired up for a face-off. What adds to the intensity of this matchup is the $6,000 bounty on Ryan Martin, one of the top competitors in the series.

Ellington acknowledges the challenge, labeling Martin as a “chip that nobody wants to draw.” Throughout the competition, Martin had demonstrated an exceptional prowess that few others could match, instilling a sense of fear in the hearts of his ompetition, particularly those who knew his racing operation well.

Nonetheless, this race wouldn’t be a walk in the park for Martin, as Ellington possessed intimate knowledge of Martin’s Fireball Camaro. With his familiarity and determination, Ellington believed he had a solid chance of taking down the top tier opponent. The video below allows us to relive this thrilling encounter, offering a glimpse of a showdown between two 405 juggernauts.