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Finding the Strangest Things Possible to Launch From a DIY Cannon

In the realm of car enthusiasts, the passion for the hobby often leads us to one common interest: tinkering and building.

NHRA Funny Car competitor Alex Laughlin is a prime example of someone who revels in the joy of tinkering. While some people enjoy constructing birdhouses or fixing clocks, there are those among us who take their craftsmanship to a whole new level, even building personal cannons in their leisure time. It’s something that might take a bit of engineering prowess but the payoff is nothing short of adrenaline pumping.

Laughlin is one such enthusiast who took his creativity and mechanical skills to craft something extraordinary from an old steel bottle – a device designed to launch bowling balls. Yet, when presented with such a fascinating contraption, it’s only natural to wonder what else it could catapult into the sky. After all, what’s the point of having such a cool invention if you’re not going to push its limits and see what it’s truly capable of?

In this thrilling adventure, we join Laughlin and his friends on the Anything Fast Anything Fun YouTube channel as they attempt to launch the most unusual objects possible using the bowling ball cannon. The journey begins with a visit to the local Walmart, where the trio embarks on a quest to find items under 10 inches that will fit into the cannon’s barrel.

From there, it’s a race to determine who can select the object that travels the farthest, resulting in a friendly competition among friends. The outcome provides plenty of excitement as the DIY machine demonstrates its impressive capabilities. Spoiler alert: some objects get launched so far that they soar out of the camera’s frame, prompting the crew to return later in the day to locate them. I can only imagine the kinds of things I’d launch into the atmosphere if I had such an awesome cannon.